MyRide™ auto appearance products are the best choice with the best value.  MyRide™ product line includes seasonal cleaning tools to handle the toughest job.  Wash, wax and detail your vehicle with Spring & Summer wash brushes, cleaning cloths, sponges, wash mitts, drying tools, and polishing machines – all at a great value without breaking the bank.  When cold temperatures hit, MyRide™ family of snowbrushes, ice scrapers and windshield protectors are the perfect choice when handling tough snow and ice removal.

MySport products provide relief after strenuous activity. Work out in comfort on cushioned foam yoga mats and cool down and dry off with MySport PVA towels and towels. MySport PVA towels, a favorite amongst leading swimmers, divers and other top athletes, get yours today.

Pamper your pet with MyPet products. Your pet deserves the comfort of our memory foam beds and mats which outlast traditional styles. Easily take care of your pet on the go with collapsible dishes, water bottles, cooling towels, stress-free leashes, toys and protective seat covers.

MyHome product line offers quick, easy and effective solutions for all tasks around the home. The broad range of textures and fibers on MyHome towels and cloths trap dirt, dust and grime, offer supreme absorbency and provide powerful cleaning, safe for all household surfaces. Minimize time and effort when cleaning with our MyHome dish tools, mops and brooms. Explore electronic kettles which heat up rapidly and snuggle up with cozy bed and bath linens all providing extreme comfort and durability.

Our superior line of Platinum Series products will give you professional results without paying premium prices. When your vehicle deserves nothing but the best care choose Platinum Series. Platinum series cleaning and detailing products provide your car with the utmost in luxurious detailing using the softest, most absorbent and durable construction. Experience quality products with over 12x’s absorbency, streak-free, lint free, and clear coat safe attributes.

AquaDry® tools make drying quick, easy and streak free. Super absorbent PVA towels handle like a cloth and absorb like a sponge effortlessly drying your vehicle in about half the time.  AquaDry® drying blades with flexible handle and “t”shaped silicone blade safely conform to curves and will dry surfaces in one swipe.

Grab•A•Rag® & go cleaning quick and easy.  Keep your life clean and your towels organized. Grab•A•Rag® cloths are the perfect alternative to pricey disposable options.  Perfectly sized towels quickly absorb spills, wipe away grease and grime and are washable and reusable.

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As a combined team we have over 50 years of retail and category management experience. Our goal is to help DEVELOP, DRIVE and MANAGE new and existing business ventures. We provide competitive market analysis, strategic development analysis, supply chain management, marketing and promotional opportunities, along with visibility reporting tools to both retailers and vendors. Our dedicated partnership continuously delivers competitive pricing, innovation, quality and merchandising concepts to help drive your sales success.


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We take pride in our long-term relationships with some of the largest retailers in North America & Canada. Programs include both domestic and direct import; offering exclusive product lines, competitive pricing and dedicated customer service.

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